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Public Investment Fund

(Saudi Arabia)

Investments in Coal*

Shares: $ 625 M
Total: $ 625 M

Listed on the Coal Policy Tool

Investments in Oil & Gas*

Shares: $ 91,912 M
Total: $ 91,912 M

Listed on the Oil and Gas Policy Tracker

*Note that these figures cannot always be added up as some companies are active in both the coal and the oil & gas industry. Read more about this in our methodology.

Total investments by Public Investment Fund: $ 92,537 M in 2 companies

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2 results  Total investment of current selection: $ 92,537 M

# Name Name Name Type Country of HQ Country of HQ Country of HQ Shares Bonds Total Shares Bonds Total Shares $M Bonds $M Total $M
1 1 Public Investment Fund Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) Public Investment Fund investment Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Middle East Middle East 91,912 M 91,912 M 91,912 M 91,912 M
2 1 Public Investment Fund Air Products and Chemicals Inc Public Investment Fund investment Saudi Arabia United States Middle East North America 625 M 625 M 625 M 625 M

Financial data is drawn from the commercial databases Refinitiv and EMAXX. For a selection of pension funds, data was collected from the pension funds' disclosure. The data was retrieved in January 2023, but filings can be older than that and might have changed since. This might especially be the case if an investor introduced a fossil fuel policy in the meantime. We acknowledge that shares and bonds of some Russian companies can't be traded on all markets anymore and were written off some investors’ portfolios.

This report is meant for information purposes only and not as a source of any specific investment recommendation. Nothing herein shall constitute or be construed as a recommendation, endorsement, or sponsorship of any company or fund. You should determine on your own whether you agree with the content of this information and data provided.

Since publications, various corrections to the data were made. The most recent update was made on 8 August 2023.

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